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TCL Homes specialises in modern residential projects offering sophistication and a superior standard of luxury living. We develop high-end contemporary homes for exclusive properties on Australia`s Gold Coast; managing the design and development of each element of the property and construction process from start to finish.

TCL`s main concept for building is to create an architectural design that is both visually appealing and functionally practical.

The company’s approach is to deliver “stylish, well-designed and functional stately homes that never date and are always full of character” – according to Sergey Panov, the General Director of TCL Homes.

TCL`s passion for home creation is to lead the next generation of modern design, with a balance of modernist creativity and natural elegance. Architectural elegance is easily found in all the contemporary residences created by TCL homes (See our latest projects; Allegra and Aqua Vista). All homes are individually designed for the location and excel in thoughtful distribution of living and working spaces, which is a blessing for the entire family.

    We offer you a personalised service to help you

    • Find and make the correct choice of land for your dream home, providing you with the full range of real estate services to suit your budget and living requirements.
    • Shape the architectural design from concept to reality with a diverse selection of architectural finishes to complement your home.
    • Design the solution that best suits your vision.
    • Find and deliver a palette of the world`s finest materials to suit your tastes.
    • Create your own unique exterior and/or interior designs
    • Complete the design of your home plan
    • Obtain Council building approvals
    • Achieve and maintain Green Smart sustainability for an environmentally responsible home.
    • Apply professional colour expertise
    • Choose the best furniture to complement your style and functional needs
    • Ensure quality assurance through all stages of our project management
    • Enjoy your experience in building a new home as the wonderful and exciting process it should be.

    Our business model delivers creatively designed homes that are

    • Stylish
    • Functional
    • Sophisticated
    • Exclusive
    • Elegant

TCL Homes has the flexibility to meet all your structural, design and financial requirements.

We are proud to offer an extensive range of home styles to suit your project requirements, utilizing the latest, finest materials and prestigious designs.

It’s worth citing the experience of Olga Panova, the Creative Director of Allegra (our latest project) who observed that finding inspiration for a design project is not so much a question of “where can I find it”, but more about “how can I find my way through the huge variety of products available to come up with a solution that’s right for you.” TCL Homes focuses on satisfying customer needs for quality and budget and at the same time to achieve an enduring elegance and unique style for your home.

TCL Homes provides an exclusive interior design and decorating service. Our professional designers will guide and assist you to bring to life the beautiful rooms and home of your dreams, saving your valuable time and money.

If you are inspired by ”green” designs, water tanks, solar panels, or grey-water recycling systems, then making your dream home sustainable will save more than just energy and water. Our specialists will find hundreds of new ideas for interior and exterior makeovers for your home.

To achieve a five-star energy rating, TCL Homes uses many environmental features that can satisfy any customer needs for retrofit as well as green-field projects

“Your home has the potential to be much smarter than your luxury car”, affirms Sergey Panov, General Director of TCL Homes. So, with today`s technological progress, to build a ‘smart home’ has become more realistic and affordable than you might imagine. Therefore, TCL also strives for perfect delivery of smart home building concepts.

TCL Homes can help you find new release floorings, stone finishes, bathroom fittings, fire place, lighting, window coverings, glazing, furniture and furnishings.

TCL Homes takes a vigorous approach to finishing and accessorizing projects. We help our clients to participate in developing the entire concept for their home design and the styles chosen. Even small details of design can sometimes dramatically change the image your home presents.

TCL Homes offers you an experienced team including architects, builders and designers, a wide product range of finishes and materials, top class service and the personal touch.

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