The Gold Coast, Australia

The Gold Coast in recent years has turned into one of the most eyed tourist destinations in the world. The location is superb, which gives this area the versatility and beauty it is known for across the globe. The Gold Coast is located along some of the world’s finest beachfront, mountains and rainforests.

With its stunning mountains, striking coastline and its natural beauty, the Gold Coast has come to be known as one of the most beautiful places in the world to live and play. In recent years, the tourism and service industry in the Gold Coast has worked hard to make sure its residents and visitors are well entertained. Today the Gold Coast has some of the world’s best resorts and hotels offered anywhere, with some of the most exotic attractions. The Gold Coast is also known for its subtropical climate, nightlife, and a laid back atmosphere. The awe inspiring golden beaches is just topping on the cake. Facing the blue Pacific Ocean, the golden beaches take on a charisma all their own, their majestic look and feel lure you into a kingdom all your own. You feel it in all your senses. You taste it the mouthwatering cuisine. You’ll find some of the best chefs on the globe in residence here –all for your eating and dining pleasure. You’ll smell it in the aroma and the essence alive and pulsating in the city of Brisbane, and your nostrils will flare as you embrace the gentle breezes catching a ride on waves along the coastline near Moreton Bay. You’ll see it in the rich colors of azure blue, golden sunsets, and the eye popping view of the Pacific Ocean. You’ll hear it in waves on the beaches, enjoy the calls of the Seagulls, and you’ll hear it in the joy of people’s voices. You’ll know what it’s like to feel really alive and find yourself.

The region is 70kms south of Brisbane, Queensland capital city and 1000km north of the capital of Sydney, New South Wales. Most of all, right in the center of the Gold Coast lays Australia’s most popular suburb, the Surfers Paradise.

The magnificent National Parks of Gold Coast such as Springbrook, Tambroine and Lamington feature areas protected by World Heritage.

The exotic rainforests here are home to picnics and sports activities for tourists around the globe. Short and long natural walks, scenic views, hilly areas and the diverse wildlife in this area will surely give you a personal, inspiring enthusiasm in this jewel of a place near the water’s edge. Many people who came to play never left. They are proud to call the Gold Coast their own, some making it their home, others making it one of their home getaways.

For immigrants, Gold Coast is a very friendly and accommodating region. Currently there are approximately 500,000 residents and each year more than a million tourists visit this region. The personal magnetism afforded the Gold Coast ensures, you will never find this piece of land barren or dry. It’s always lively and at the same time tranquil.

The Gold Coast is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, with more than ten thousand people shifting every year to recapture its charm and influence.

Living in the Gold Coast is no less than an adventure. Motor bike tours, parasailing, skydiving, jet skiing, power boating, hot air ballooning and similar other activities are enjoyed here, as is whale and dolphin watching tours. Deep sea fishing is one of the most popular sports. Do you know the Gold Coast currently boasts two of the largest shopping malls in the Southern Hemisphere? It’s true, only adding to the excitement of the Gold Coast. The nightlife is as exciting as the beach life with numerous clubs and pubs spread around the city.

You can take our word for it the Gold Coast is all this and so much more, come see and experience it for yourself. You can feel it, taste it, hear it, and smell it, but you really have to see and experience the Gold Coast to know the joy in your heart. Claim it for yourself, watch the video below to bring your senses to life and indulge in how life is on the Gold Coast. Come on in, the water is wonderful!

With all the excitement and beauty that the Gold Coast offers, visitors do not want to leave. This is the reason why most of them settle down here for good. In the past decade, a lot of people from the elite have settled down here in The Gold Coast because of the outstanding quality of life this place offers. Each suburb in The Gold Coast offers a variety of entertainment, business and lifestyle opportunities that are out of this world.

The Gold Coast is famous for its waterfront luxury properties offering direct access to the ocean and the beaches. All of this needs to be experienced firsthand to live the excitement to its fullest!

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