Night Club

The large, sumptuous basement bar and entertainment area, affectionately known as the “Night Club” sparkles with an ‘Oriental Spice’ ultra gloss two pack front feature wall with polished chrome accent lines. The bar is equipped with a Miele dishwasher and spacious beverage refrigerator. The bar’s bench top and table are of magnificent ‘Antique Brown Granite’ bench tops, matching those found in the kitchen. Also in harmony with Allegra’s upstairs colour themes is the cabinetry made from ultra high gloss Brown Metallic two pack, as well as the bar bulkhead and suspended bulkhead, which are both are fitted with recessed LED lights. Reflected lights used in the “Night Club” also have elements of the colour of the feature walls. The dance floor is inlaid with pulsating floor light panels. The Night Club’s wall is covered by reptile leather. Some of this is decorated with bronze mirror and some by ultra gloss marble decorated panels.